Where it all began...

It all began in 1914 in the UK, when John Boultbee Brooks, the son of a famous bicycle seat manufacturer, decided to enter the passenger luggage market. He started by producing leather wardrobe trunks for ocean voyages and unique trunks which were attached to cars. Brooks’ keen interest in wildlife led to the adoption of the stag’s head as the brand logo, which remains to this day, and the Antler brand was born. Based in the Midlands, the business began to thrive throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Antler are now over a century old, but still remain at the forefront of the Luggage industry, thanks to our passion for craftsmanship and our dedication to innovation. Everything Antler does is underpinned by their testimony – Designed, Tested, Trusted, since 1914. 

Although now, most of the luggage production has moved outside of the UK, they continue to ensure that they bring the same British quality, values and spirit to everything created, including sophisticated soft and hard cases like Aire, Atom and Juno.

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